Although when my work was put together in 1977, I certainly did not have the same resources that are available today, nor were as many survivors’ experiences avail able. So, much of what I went after I gathered from personal reading from everything I could get my hands on, and anything which was related to the Shoah. I incorporated the study of our Constitution along with Communism, and Fascism as comparisons. (please be aware I am making this simple). I also incorporated the study of the Holocaust into my American history classes, World history, English literature, and American literature and everything in which I could draw a parallel or comparison. I also relied upon FACING HISTORY AND OURSELVES, ADL resources, as well as information I had gleaned from visiting the USMM in D.C. I read whatever I could get my hands on as far as possible that I could go at the time. Always encountering new materials.

The following outline is taken from FACING HISTORY AND OURSELVES, published in 1982, Ella and I purchased, along with the film GENOCIDE and gave these to teachers, since many of the organizations “selling” the Holocaust would not rent or have available for teachers, their work without the teachers having to purchase the published information. Our decision to give teachers this information was based upon the above explanation.
I invited FACING HISTORY AND OURSELVES to come to Phoenix which they did, but not enough support was garnered for them to present continuing education. However, the organization was willing to trust teachers to borrow methodologies, approaches, and material. No one I knew did not send back the materials. I borrowed some from them myself. Excellent program for that time with a heart to teach the subject. I, of course, used some of their ideas and topics in my own teaching.


  1. Society and the individual
  2. Antisemitism: A case study of prejudice and discrimination
  3. German history: WW1 to II
  4. Nazi philosophy and policy
  5. Preparing for obedience
  6. Victims of tyranny
  7. The Holocaust
  8. Who knew? Individuals, groups, nations
  9. Judgment
  10. The Armenians (forgotten genocide
    What do we learn from past experience?
  11. Facing today and the future

My information parallels some of their published information at the time. I found this group exceptional at the time.

Credits are listed in the appendix of the book

Information submitted by Kae Knight, educator and researcher in this area of history.