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What Were We Watching? - Americans' Responses to Nazism Through Cinema, Radio and Media

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Stories about World War II and the persecution of Europe’s Jews were a constant presence in American movie theaters and living rooms throughout the 1930–40s. Award-winning films such as Mrs. MiniverThe Great Dictator, and Casablancashaped Americans’ understanding of the Nazi threat and persecution of Europe’s Jews, while newsreels and radio programs offered a brief glimpse into world events and the range of opinions on the war effort. Join us to learn how Hollywood and leaders in entertainment and government battled for the hearts and minds of Americans.

Daniel Greene, Curator, Americans and the Holocaust special exhibition, US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Kevin Sandler, Associate Professor in the Film and Media Studies Program at ASU and Editor, Reading the Rabbit: Explorations in Warner Bros. Animation

Mi-Ai Parrish, Sue Clark-Johnson Professor for Media Innovation and Leadership at ASU and former Arizona Republic publisher

A reception will be held immediately following the program at the University Club (425 East University Drive).

Parking is available at the Fulton Building. Please see the interactive campus map for reference:

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Booktalk: "CHOICES: The True Story of One family's Daring Escape to Freedom Paperback"
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Booktalk: "CHOICES: The True Story of One family's Daring Escape to Freedom Paperback"


CHOICES: The True Story of One family's Daring Escape to Freedom Paperback

by J.E. Laufer

We are all familiar with the horrifying atrocities of the Holocaust, but lesser known is the second harrowing ordeal many Jewish families faced after the Hungarian Revolution. The inconceivable reality of returning to life after concentration camps to build a family and find yourselves fleeing as refugees 10 years later is the true story of author J.E. Laufer’s parents. Herself only 2 years old at the time, Laufer has used family memories and the account of the remarkable 16-year-old Christian girl who aided her family’s escape to write this fictionalized account of the events following this period of turbulence. 

The pages of history books come to life for young adult readers with characters that leap off the page and events that can sometimes parallel all-too-closely the modern resurgence of a refugee crisis, anti-semitism and political unrest.

 The author will be in attendance for the discussion.

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"Combining the horror of the Holocaust with the beauty of classical music may seem an impossibility, but concert pianist Mona Golabek has done exactly that with her book and her performance of The Children of Willesden Lane. Golabek’s live show will serve as the kickoff event to Scottsdale Community College’s 2018 Genocide Awareness Week. Her message of commitment to one’s passion, in this case music, despite seemingly insurmountable odds, inspires audiences to commit to their own passions.

The work originated as a book about her mother Lisa Jura, and has impacted thousands through the Willesden Read program. The stage show intersperses piano solos within the narrative of her mother’s survival after fleeing Vienna via Kindertransport to England and the orphanage on Willesden Lane."

Open to the public. Author Mona Golabek will join discussion by phone.

For more information, visit 

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